• Aug 31, 2017

    Shivling, 6.543m

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  • Apr 05, 2017

    Mount Damavand, 5.610m
    Ski Tour

    Buffeted by the wind - shrouded in smoke. Mount Damavand, holy mountain, Alborz range, Iran.

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  • Apr 02, 2017

    Exceptional Contribution

    H&M Workshop Istanbul. Tackling our Mount Everest - Helga Hengge will give us insights on how she came up with the idea to climb the highest mountain on Earth, which personal bias she had to overcome, what inspired her and the secrets of her success.

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  • Mar 13, 2017

    A Study in Tenacity:

    "I have never experienced a failure in the mountains of the Himalaya." Bill Burke in an interview with Alan Arnette.

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  • Dec 30, 2016

    Holy Mountains - Inspiring Mountains

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  • Oct 26, 2016

    Mount Olympos

    Heavenly Abode of the Gods, Throne of Zeus, Mythical Mountain - Expedition Inspiring Mountains.

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  • Apr 19, 2016

    Mount Everest April 18, 2016 - Tears right below the surface

    News from Alan Arnettes BLOG on how Sherpas and foreign climbers are remembering the tragedy of 2014. "For today, two years later, there is no climbing on Mt. Everest. No Sherpas, no foreigners – everyone is in solemn unity remembering where they were that day, and who they lost."

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  • Mar 06, 2016

    Climbing Mount Everest - Philosophical Exercise or Economic Activity?

    "When we talk about climbing philosophy we are looking at it from a western perspective where climbing is a leisure, a philosophical exercise. In Nepal climbing is an economic activity. Every climber provides jobs for Sherpas, cooks, porters, farmers." Dawa Steven Sherpa talking to Stefan Nestler.

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  • Sep 21, 2015

    Inspiring Women Worldwide

    Global WIN Conference in Rome, September 30th 2015 - Mountaineers and Women have more in common than the urge to get to the top. In her keynote "Only the Sky Above" Helga Hengge draws astounding parallels and shares her enthusiasm for the adventure of thinking big.

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  • Apr 26, 2015

    Earthquake in the Himalaya

    A huge avalanche triggered by yesterday’s earthquake in Nepal hit Base Camp at the foot of Mount Everest with full force, destroying the campsite and taking the lives of many climbers and Sherpas. More climbers are still trapped higher up on the mountain, at Camp 1 and 2, because the route through the Khumbu Icefall has been destroyed. "Please pray for all."

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  • Mar 13, 2015

    Climbing Mount Everest

    Crowds, Supplemental Oxygen, Sherpas, WAG Bags. Alan Arnette talks about the who, when, where and how - with interesting insights about the highest mountain in the world - and how to navigate through the annual media onslaught.

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  • Feb 23, 2015


    From a height of almost 3,000 metres on the Zugspitze, Helga Hengge translates her experiences of mountaineering into safeguarding the corporate culture.

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  • Nov 18, 2014

    Going Beyond: the Power of Integration. Keynote and Workshop

    Diversity Day at Adidas – Helga Hengge takes her audience to the top of the world.

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  • Apr 19, 2014

    Unprecedented tragedy on the South Side of Mount Everest

    An ice serac hovering over the West Shoulder of Everest collapsed Friday morning and sent a horrific ice avalanche down into the top of the Khumbu Icefall hitting an area just below Camp 1. 13 Sherpas are know to have lost their lives and another 4 are reported missing. All our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones and the whole Sherpa community. Alan Arnette has the lastest update on the tragedy.

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  • Feb 02, 2014

    Himalaya at night - magical summits in the moonlight

    With the light of the moon and the stars and extremely long exposure times Ukrainian Photographer Anton Jankovoy staged the Himalayan mountains in surreal beauty.

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  • Dec 21, 2013

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014

    "You don't have to be a hero to accomplish great things, you can just be an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals." Sir Edmund Hillary

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  • Sep 10, 2013

    Dreamers & Doers - Book Launch

    "Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day but teach him to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. Teach a woman to fish and she'll feed the whole village." African proverb. Dreamers & Doers Charity Book Project to support schools in Tanzania and raise tuition fees for Maasai girls.

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  • May 29, 2013

    Mount Everest: 60 Years of Successful Ascents

    8848 Meters: On May 29th 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mount Everest. They were the first to summit the highest mountain in the world successfully.

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  • May 19, 2013

    Summits on Mount Everest

    The 2013 Everest season is going strong. After all the challenges the highest mountain in the world presented this season, many successful summits are reported now - who, when, where and how - the best BLOG is from Alan Arnette.

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  • Feb 19, 2013

    Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon

    On May 29th 2013 the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon starts from Everest Base Camp in Nepal. The marathon is conducted to commemorate the first successful ascent of Mount Everest by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary on May 29th, 1953 and is probably the most adventurous trail run in the world.

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