Inspiring Women Worldwide

Sep 21, 2015

WIN  Inspiring Women Worldwide
Rome, September 30th 2015

Only the Sky Above
The Adventure of Thinking Big

Mountaineers and women have more in common than the urge to get to the top - accompanied by spectacular images Helga Hengge draws astounding parallels. Helga shares her enthusiasm for the adventure of a great goal and for pushing physical and emotional boundaries in the face of challenge. She talks about the step-by-step ascent, the power of a team, dealing with setbacks, and about trusting your inner strength. The highlight of her presentation is the ascent to the summit and the fulfillment of a great dream. The moment, when there is only the sky above.
It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Sir Edmund Hillary

I am looking forward to meet so many inspiring women from around the world!

WIN is an international women’s leadership organization inspiring women worldwide. It develops, empowers and connects with a feminine, authentic and global vision. With its leading edge approach the WINConference has become the reference point for aware, modern women working internationally, conscious men and world class organizations active in the field of women’s leadership development, diversity and inclusion.


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