Exceptional Contribution

Apr 02, 2017
Exceptional Contribution
What is your Mount Everest at H&M? Go on a personal journey with an expedition team and find out how to step out and make an exceptional contribution. Climb up and go beyond yourself!
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Great team - hands on, hard-working, enthusiastic - truly exceptional!
There is not that one incident where you sit comfortably on your couch and something exceptional flies in through the open window and takes possession of you. From my experience it takes a couple of impulses to get started. Step by step, impulse by impulse, an exceptional idea grows - and with time a goal, something to aspire to, emerges and then a plan to achieve this goal. When I think back there were with all my "Everests" always three distinct phases on my way to get there.

1. Imagination Phase
- building confidence, curiosity and enthusiasm
What I learned is that you mustn’t let yourself get discouraged just because your exceptional idea seems to be too big – too outrageous – too daring. Step out of your everyday, leave your prejudices behind and take a closer look – with respect, healthy introspection and curious expectation.  
2. Inspiration Phase
- custodians, mentors and inspiring people
What I learned is that once you have embarked on your exceptional idea/adventure you need to get out there and look for inspiration, find people who have actually done what you want to do: Ask for tips and inspiration, get insights on how they prepared themselves. In the second phase stay away from people who are only talking about doing something exceptional one day – maybe – they will not get you anywhere. Seek out the ones that have achieved something exceptional – don’t be shy. These people love to be custodians, they love to inspire, give tips and see you thrive.
 3. Transpiration Phase
- action plan
Your idea to do something exceptional has become a clear goal – a challenge to be taken on. Now step out and make an action plan with clear steps all the way to the top.
1. Base Camp - Starting Point.
2. My Summit - this is where I want to go.
3. The Route – visible camps/steps and time schedule.
4. My support team and my mentor/custodian


Dear Helga, thank you so much for accepting my invitation to work with us in Istanbul. I was sure that my colleagues would be excited. The feedback I received from them exceeded my expectations by far. You love what you do and we could not only hear it but truly felt it. Greetings from Istanbul, Thomas

H&M Hennes & Mauritz, Turkey

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