ME-OtSACoverbroschierteAusgabe-72  Mount Everest

  Only the Sky Above

  My journey to the top
  of the world

   Paperback edition, revised 2018

   304 pages plus 12 pages color


   ISBN 978-3-00-060402-7

  16 Euros


29,028 feet — on 27 May 1999 Helga Hengge reaches the top of the world, the highpoint of an exciting career between the extremes of creative work and outstanding mountaineering achievement. In her inspiring account she takes her readers on an adventure through Tibet and up to the summit of Mount Everest, offering authentic insights into the dynamics of tackling the ultimate challenge. Accompanied by spectacular images of her two-month long ascent she shares her story of pushing physical and emotional boundaries and the secrets of her success. Helga Hengge, who has dual citizenship, was the first German woman to successfully summit Everest and the first American woman to do so from the North side.

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  ME-OtSACoverbroschierteAusgabe-72MOUNT EVEREST


  My journey to the top
  of the world
   ISBN 9783982034119


Exciting and sensitive —Helga Hengge describes her ascent to the summit of her dreams. Fascinated I followed her on her path to the limits of what is possible into a world where one stops living and starts being. I truly enjoyed every page.


It was captivating although it started almost quiet and romantic with descriptions of vastness and freedom that one experiences as a mountaineer. Helga Hengge writes straight forward and without frills about her personal adventure on Mount Everest. It is a fascinating account, which combines the enjoyment of mountaineering with the cruelty and sometimes with the absurdity of such an adventure. It was great to take part in it.


Mount Everest is a gigantic mountain and ‘Only the sky above’ by Helga Hengge is a magnificent book. Women are not only great mountaineers, but above all great writers. A must-read!


She writes about her ascent real and without heroic bawling. A truly inspiring book on this subject.


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