Seven Summits

The Seven Summits challenge is a worldwide mountaineering adventure —the quest to climb the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. Easier are the non-technical peaks of Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mount Elbrus in Europe and Aconcagua in South America, whereas resilience and skill is needed to tackle the cold peaks of Mount Vinson in Antarctica and Denali in North America. The Carstensz Pyramid on the island of New Guinea is the highest peak of Oceania and a technical rock climb, and lastly there is the highest peak in Asia and the world —Mount Everest. 

On May 23rd 2011 Helga Hengge reached the summit of Denali in Alaska and completed her 14-year long quest to scale the Seven Summits.

The Seven Summits

South America
Andes Argentina 6962m/22,841ft
Mount Everest
Himalaya Tibet/Nepal 8848m/29,029ft
Kilimanjaro Tanzania 5895m/19,340ft
Mount Elbrus
Caucasus Russia 5642m/18,510ft
Mount Vinson
Ellsworth Mountains Antarctica 4892m/16,050ft
Carstensz Pyramid
Maoke Mountains Indonesia 4884m/16,024ft
North America
Alaska Range USA 6195m/20,325ft

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