• Siemens

    Only the Sky Above

    Global Leadership Summit

    Topic: Inspiration
    Special thanks for the KeyNote - it was really good and it was amazing how we can get so many life and business lessons from Helga's Everest experience. 

    Thank you for your wonderful keynote presentation. I received so much positive feedback from the team. Aside from your story, they were enthusiastic how realistic your account of the ascent was (and with the added challenge of a virtual talk!). Your story is a great match for the challenges we face. THANKS again - we were delighted to have you as our guest!


  • logothermofisher

    Only the Sky Above - Mastering Challenges

    Europe Kick-Off Meeting

    Topic: Inspiration - Winning Together
    Very inspiring !! THANKS so much.

    Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. It was truly inspiring. W e really felt like we were making that journey with you. Great feedback for the session has been received, and the number of questions by attendees showed they really wanted to find out more about you. Thanks so much Helga, your contribution helped towards making our Kick-Off a great success.

    Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Deloitte

    Only the Sky Above

    Global Account Meeting

    Topic: Inspiration
    Thank you so much for your amazing keynote! Accompanying you to the summit of Mount Everest was very impressive and inspiring. Your messages were right on cue, and they will accompany us on our ascent to the summit. Thank you for your terrific support! It was a great pleasure to have you with us at our meeting!


  • dpd

    Only the Sky Above

    DPD Convention

    Topic: Inspiration
    You left a lasting impression. We asked all participants to rate our presentations and you received a straight A. Outstanding! On a personal and a contentual level you enriched our event greatly. Thank you for taking us to the top.

    DPD Germany

  • SiemensLogo

    Only the Sky Above

    Leader's Conference

    Topic: Building Resilience and Leading in a Complex and Changing World
    We received a lot of appreciative feedback to your talk, and I could tell from the enthusiastic applause that followed that the audience were intrigued, impressed and motivated. Thank you very much.
    Thank you for taking us on your incredible journey – it was really very inspiring.


  • Airbus

    Keynote: Mastering Challenges

    Agile Day

    Topic: Inspiration
    Thank you for your inspirational speech today at the Airbus Agile Day held in Getafe. Some key messages I took away: 1) one of the most difficult parts of preparing to climb Everest is accepting that not reaching the summit is not a failure. Freeing yourself from the ego to accept failure means the difference between living or dying 2) you have to earn the respect and trust of your team, it's not something given, you have to earn it step by step, day by day.


  • TarenoAG

    Keynote: Only the Sky Above

    Client Event

    Topic: Inspiration
    We would like to thank you for a fantastic and enchanting speech. It is rare that expectations are thus exceeded. You have succeeded to inspire all of us and we received terrific feedback from our guests.  Never have they been so enthusiastic after a speech. Thank you very much. This event meant a lot to us.

    Tareno AG

  • HM

    Keynote: Inspiration Seven Summits

    Manager Meeting

    Topic: Inspiration
    Thank you very much for your inspiring seven summits talk - we loved it! You are a real role model concerning willpower and courage. Your H&M team!

    Hennes & Mauritz AB

  • eurofighter

    Keynote: Only the Sky Above

    Be inspired by ...

    Topic: Inspiration
    Thank you for your very inspiring keynote. A lot of people have stopped us to express their thanks for your speech, describing it as amazing, fascinating, saying you are an excellent narrator.

    Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH

  • CNC-Logo

    Keynote: Only the Sky Above

    CNC Summit

    Topic: Inspiration
    Thank you for such an excellent and inspirational speech during our Summit. „Inspirational“, „couldn’t believe how great it was“ - Helga impressed us all very deeply, including some tears in the audience.

    CNC - Communications & Network Consulting AG

  • airbus defence + space

    Keynote: Inspiration Seven Summits

    Unplugged Day

    Topic: Inspiration
    Helga, you inspired us all at the start to have a great Unplugged Day. If we just take a little of some of your energy, fortitude and humour with us as we continue our journey then we will undoubtedly succeed. Thanks


  • Airbus

    Keynote: Seven Summits

    TM Symposium 2018

    Topic: Inspiration
    Helga Hengge, the first German woman to climb Mount Everest, fascinated the audience at the Marketing and Sales Symposium. Sharing her experiences on setting ambitious targets and never giving up, she gave the 250 Marketing & Sales colleagues in Ottobrunn a sense of excitement and adventure in their quest to scale new heights.
    Agility - Respect - Fortitude - Curiosity - Trust - Determination. Thank you for these wonderful lessons of life you offered to us. All of us were impressed by the quality of your speech, which I consider as the best one I ever heard in my life. A huge thanks for this journey up to new heights and please keep on inspiring people all around the world.
    Thank you very much for your inspiring speech – according to the feedback received, a lot of participants thought it was the most inspiring speech that they have heard in a long time!

    Airbus Defence and Space

  • adidas

    Keynote: Only the Sky Above

    EKA Conference 2018

    Topic: confidence, collaboration & creativity
    Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation. We received only positive feedback for our conference and the participants were very happy. Your speech was the clear highlight and our colleagues felt deeply inspired.


  • saint-gobain

    Keynote: Mastering Challenges

    Civil Engineering Conference 2018

    Topic: Inspiration
    It was an immense joy for all of us to accompany you to the summit! Your inspiring presentation was a true highlight at our conference. It gave our colleagues an extra boost of motivation and inspired our exhibitors to intense and uplifting conversations.


  • amg

    Fireside Chat: Only the Sky Above


    Topic: Inspiration

    Thank you so much for your presentation and so much inspiration! We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon with you. I received a lot of enthusiastic feedback during and after the event. I think I speak for all when I say that we went home greatly inspired.


  • Hoist

    Keynote: Mastering Challenges

    Leadership Conference

    Topic: Trust - your team, yourself and the mountain you climb.
    Thanks Helga for a great performance. You inspire!
    You have played an extremely important part in making this leadership conference an amazing event. Thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm. And special thanks to you for your quiet and calm way of delivering insights on an amazing challenge and adventure. There were so many take-aways for me as a leader, as a person and as a woman from your presentation. I´m extremely impressed how you made our crowd of lively leaders be absolutely absorbed in listening and the tears of movement in their eyes. You really showed the power of a good story teller.

    Hoist Finance

  • Continental

    Keynote: Only the Sky Above

    Global SCMA Convention

    Topic: Vision into Reality
    You took us to the summit of the highest mountain in the world and you inspired my team - and showed them what is possible. Good preparation, perseverance and enthusiasm are key to success, also in our business.

    Continental Teves AG

  • siemens

    Keynote: Going Beyond

    Kick-Off EM Power

    Topic: Going Beyond
    In the name of the our EM Power Development Team I would like to thank you for your inspiring keynote „Going Beyond“. With your beautiful images and vivid stories you enchanted our participants, and provided them with a lot of striking parallels for their business world: challenges, surprises, difficulties and success on the way to the top. Through the physical and emotional challenges you described the participants were able get a good feeling of how important it is to work together as a team, to encourage one another, to accept difficulties and learn from mistakes, and to celebrate success. The EM Power participants talked about their impressions and the learnings from your keynote during the whole event and your words are still resounding within our team. That shows the impact. You have brought a wonderful candor and openness for exchange of experience into our Kick-Off - and for that we want to thank you very much.

    Siemens AG

  • BMW_Group

    Keynote: Only the Sky Above

    TA Meeting

    Topic: Reaching new levels
    That was an incredibly impressive speech! You have such radiance and bestowed our team with a lot of inspiration for the upcoming challenges!
    In the name of BMW Group I would like to thank you for your fascinating and instructive presentation! Great what you have achieved, and that you shared those experiences and valuable learnings with us.

    BMW Group

  • FreseniusLogo

    Keynote: Mastering Challenges

    Supply Chain Summit

    Topic: Excellence through collaboration
    Thank you for an emotional and very inspiring presentation. We have received only positive feedback from our participants!

    Fresenius Medical Care

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