Only The Sky Above

Helga Hengge takes her audience to the summit of the highest mountain on Earth. Illustrated with spectacular photographs of her two-month long ascent via the North East ridge in Tibet, Helga shares her enthusiasm for the adventure of a great goal and for pushing physical and emotional boundaries in the face of challenge. She talks about the step-by-step ascent, the power of a team, dealing with setbacks, and about trusting your inner strength.

The highlight of her presentation is the ascent to the summit and the fulfillment of a great dream. The moment, when there is only the sky above.


  • Mount Everest – Chomolungma
  • An international team – individuality and team spirit
  • Base Camp at the Rongbuk Glacier
  • Sherpas – the tigers of the Himalayas
  • Setting up four high camps
  • Setbacks and self-motivation
  • Trust and critical self-assessment
  • Summit night (with short reading)
  • Ascent to the summit

Duration of presentation

60 – 120 minutes with discussion / Q&A upon request 

Helga's presentation Only The Sky Above is illustrated with spectacular images from her ascent. The presentation can be customised in content and emphasis to fit client's brief.

Corporate gift: Mount Everest - Only the Sky Above by Helga Hengge. Autographed copies available.



Thank you for a very inspiring and motivating speech. After such a long day of presentations, it was a miracle how you were able to capture everyone. You have a true gift in story telling and to inspire others with your experience.

Triumph International AG

Thank you for a great presentation. It really was inspirational and an invaluable input into the success of our Conference in Madrid.


You have inspired and fascinated our team with your presentation. You have given us valuable ideas for our ascent to the summit of our business goals for 2013 and showed us how important good team work is. Your presentation fit in perfectly with our conference.

Henkel AG

I have heard many speakers in my life but I cannot recall anyone more inspirational than you. Thank you.


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