Mount everest

Mastering Challenges

Available as a webinar

Mountaineers and managers have more in common than the urge to get to the top.

In her keynote Helga draws astounding parallels and gives an emotional and authentic insight into the dynamics of tackling the ultimate challenge. Accompanied by spectacular images of her two-month long ascent via the North East Ridge in Tibet Helga shares her story of pushing physical and emotional boundaries and the secrets of her success—inspiring leadership, team work, diversity, dealing with setbacks, and the courage to step out and up to the summit.

Leading and motivating teams; responding with flexibility to external forces without losing sight of the goal; coping with set-backs and sometimes starting from scratch; assessing risks, managing resources, and planning projects meticulously - the challenges managers and economic strategists are facing are surprisingly similar to those of mountaineers.

Wirtschaftswoche (Germany’s premier business magazine)

In her presentation Mount Everest - Mastering Challenges Helga Hengge shares her lessons from one of the world's greatest challenges — Mount Everest. 



  • Mount Everest - the adventure of thinking big
  • Skills and Willingness
  • Team - respect, trust and partnership
  • Route to the summit - step-by-step approach
  • Climb high, sleep low - managing resources
  • Dealing with setbacks without losing sight of the goal
  • 7 weeks into thin air and nowhere near the summit 
  • Pushing boundaries and critical self-assessment
  • Getting to the top

Subsequent discussion/Q&A session

Duration of presentation

45 – 90 minutes

Helga’s keynote Mount Everest - Mastering Challenges is illustrated with spectacular photographs from her ascent. The content of the presentation will be tailored to meet client’s requirements. Fireside talk available.

Available as a webinar

Corporate gift: Mount Everest - Only the Sky Above by Helga Hengge. Autographed copies available.


The management team was excited and inspired by your presentation. The impressions guided us through the whole meeting. A great success. Thank you very much!


Thank your for your wonderful presentation which moved all of us very deeply!

Munich Re

Thank you so much for your terrific keynote! It is not only the mountain, but strong will power and the motivation to set high goals and to work on them even when they seem unreachable at first. Thank you for your insights. The feedback from our clients was overwhelming. THANKS!


You have provided my team and me with a more than impressive experience. You managed to create an emotional density with your presentation that made it possible to truly feel the challenges of your ascent. The management messages regarding team work, persistence, small steps leading to success, and what happens when too many 'heroes' are strutting around were impressive.


Thank you for being able to speak at our Leaders Summit. Your presentation created an additional boost of motivation. It is indeed often helpful to look at comparable challenges from a different perspective.

Munich Re

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